Deep Cleaning Services For Your Communal Restroom

What is a ‘Deep Clean’?

How do we define a ‘deep clean’ and how does it differ from a regular clean or an annual spring clean?

As you might expect, a deep clean is a lot more thorough than your standard weekly clean which is why they tend to be reserved for special occasions or scheduled every six months or so (for those who are organised!) Whereas a regular clean might take between two to three hours, a deep clean is likely to take up to 12 hours, even with a team of people.

Although there are no hard and fast rules, a spring clean tends to be more spontaneous and governed by the change in seasons whereas a deep clean is likely to be carried out in advance of a special event or planned event.

A spring clean may not be quite as thorough as a deep clean although that depends on the individual of course.

Deep Cleaning the Communal Restroom

Similarly, while your regular office cleaning schedule will involve wiping down mirrors, sinks, showers and toilets and squirting some bleach around the toilet rim, deep cleaning the communal shower area  means getting right in behind those sinks, showers and toilets to scrub clean and disinfect outside and in. During a deep clean in your office, cabinets will be emptied and cleaned, limescale removed from taps and shower heads, grout scrubbed clean and chrome and mirrors shined.

Other Common Deep Cleaning Tasks

During a deep clean, you should clean all windows, inside and out, soap down door and window frames and wash blinds and curtains. You should also turn mattresses (this should ideally be done every three months anyway) and change all bedding at the same time.

All books, ornaments and knick-knacks should be removed from shelves and dusted individually. The shelf can then be thoroughly cleaned and, if appropriate, polished before the items are replaced.

This service provides the perfect opportunity to have a clear out so get a charity box ready and put saleable items on eBay or take them to a car boot sale.

Deep Cleaning in the Office

Offices, showrooms, shops, restaurants and other work premises often attract heavy traffic and will need a deep clean once in a while to keep the working environment crisp, fresh and hygienic. As with a domestic deep clean, a quality commercial deep clean is very thorough, tackling ingrained dirt and grime and ensuring every nook and cranny is cleaned and decluttered.

No Time for a Deep Clean?

Whilst most of us can find enough time to vacuum the carpet, take out the bins or wash down the worktops, not everyone has the spare time (or willpower) to carry out a proper deep clean. This is where Best Clean Direct can be of service. Whether you need a domestic deep clean before you go away on holiday or a commercial deep clean following a launch party, our trained and security vetted cleaners can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective service. We even offer an out of hours service for those businesses who prefer their deep cleaning to take place when the premises are empty.