Why you should hire a cleaning company?

Why you should hire a cleaning company?

When was the last time you took a step back and really looked at the state of your office space. Are there mug rings on desks from caffeine-fuelled brainstorming sessions? Are the waste bins overflowing with crumpled paper, food cartons or worse? Is the carpet looking dull and grubby?

The pace of the working day can make it hard enough to notice a dirty and unkempt office let alone spare bodies to deal with the task of cleaning things up.

Is it time then to seriously consider hiring an office cleaner?

Why not get the Team to do it?

Some business owners avoid paying out for office cleaning services by cracking the whip and getting the team to do the cleaning. While this is sometimes feasible (if the office is very small with little through traffic), it is usually a false economy.

Looked at from a business perspective, those owners are taking people away from the tasks they are good at to carry out tasks they have not been trained for. Without the experience, training, tools and correct cleaning products of professional cleaners, their work will be inefficient and sub-standard.

They are also running the risk of creating disharmony within the team as some employees are invariably going to pull their weight more than others. It’s a hard enough task ensuring that each staff member shoulders their share of the normal business workload without throwing in a cleaning schedule to complicate things.

Why Standards Matter

Professional cleaners are skilled at rooting out and removing dirt, dust and micro-organisms. They are also adept at decluttering and tidying as they go leaving the workspace looking spick and span, smelling fresh and feeling hygienic.

When a visitor pops into your office (whether a lead, a valued customer or a prospective hire), the difference a professional clean makes will jump out, leaving them with the impression that you care for your business and staff and have high standards. They are more likely to start or continue to do business with you or to join your team. While they may not consciously notice anything, they will nevertheless pick up on that vibe of cleanliness and freshness.

Even if your staff team have done a great job in making the place look neat and tidy, they may have missed hidden areas of dirt. Cross-contamination from viruses and bacteria can lead to staff illness and its knock-on effects of reduced productivity and low morale.

A Contract Cleaning Service Based Around Your Business

When it comes to contract cleaning, some companies set out a schedule and fit their clients into it. With Best Clean Direct, we can fit our service around your workflow and priorities, focusing on those tasks that are most important to you while minimising our impact on your business. Whether you need us on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, we will come up with a suitable arrangement and you will find our cleaners friendly, fast and effective. Our trained and enthusiastic staff will arrive in full uniform, complementing your professional image but we do operate an out of hours service if you prefer us to perform our work behind the scenes.

One Off Deep Clean

If you have read up to here and are still convinced that your team can stay on top of your cleaning regime but need a bit of a blitz to start things off on the right foot, Best Clean Direct also offer a one off deep clean service. We can make sure that those mug rings are washed away, the bins are cleared and sanitised and the carpet gets that long-needed thorough clean.