What is a Deep Clean in an Office?

Every office space should hire a seasonal deep cleaning service, which will ensure their employees and visitors can enjoy a fresh and hygienic working environment.

If, however, you have never booked a deep cleaning service before, you might wonder how it differs from regular cleaning services, what the process entails, and why it is important. If so, read the below information about what is a deep clean in an office.

The Difference Between Professional Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is a set of cleaning tasks that will be performed on a daily or weekly basis. However, a professional deep cleaning service should be performed every six months and will ensure an office space is sparkling clean from top to bottom.

Regular cleaning tasks can include:

  • Cleaning bathrooms (e.g., the toilet, sink, mirror, etc.)
  • Mopping and vacuuming flooring
  • General tidying and dusting
  • Removing trash
  • Cleaning kitchen surfaces

Deep cleaning will, however, focus on areas that regular cleaning will not typically cover, as a commercial cleaning company should:

  • Dust all surfaces and fixtures (including lighting, office chairs, doorknobs, etc.)
  • Vacuum blinds, curtains, etc.
  • Move furniture to vacuum carpets or to scrub flooring
  • Sanitise filing cabinets, phones, keyboards, etc.
  • Clean the inside and outside of appliances

The above tactics can create a clean and hygienic environment, boosting employee morale, and increasing productivity.

How Do You Know If You Need an Office Deep Clean?

Many businesses make the mistake of not sticking to a deep cleaning schedule. As they might undertake regular cleaning tasks each day or week, they might believe an office is spick and span at first glance. Yet, these jobs tend to focus on easy-to-reach areas and don’t tackle hidden spaces. To create a fresh, hygienic space for your employees and visitors, you must deep clean your office to tackle dust mounting underneath an office desk, behind an appliance, and inside your carpets.

It might help to take a walk around your working environment to identify if dust is forming on your light fixtures, behind furniture, or on your blinds. If so, you would be wise to hire a professional cleaning company to ensure your office space sparkles.

How Germs and Dust Mites Affect Others

A build-up of germs and dust mites cannot only create an unpleasant working environment for your employees, but they can also trigger a person’s allergy symptoms, such as asthma and hay fever. A deep cleaned office can ultimately support your employees’ health and ensure that the space both looks and smells clean and fresh.

A deep clean can also decrease sickness rates in the business. Viruses and bacteria can thrive on the likes of phone keyboards, office chairs, and other surfaces, which can quickly cause vomiting bugs, colds, and flu viruses to spread. An increase in sickness rates can ultimately impact efficiency and eat away at a company’s annual profit margin. However, a thorough deep cleaning can eliminate various germs, preventing bugs from spreading and supporting a company’s productivity and profitability.

How a Dirty Office Impacts Morale

In addition to increasing sickness across the department, a dirty office can also have a negative impact on morale. After all, no staff member wants to work in a smelly, dirty, and dusty office each day. Plus, a lack of care for office hygiene can appear unprofessional, which can impact your employees’ attitude toward the business. If you don’t care for the working environment, your employees will believe you don’t care about them or their well-being, leading to low morale and a lack of passion for the brand and its goals.

How Often Should an Office be Deep Cleaned?

While regular cleaning tasks can help you to develop a clean and tidy office, you should schedule a deep cleaning service every six months, if possible. It will allow an experienced commercial cleaner to spruce up less accessible areas across the business, which can keep dust and dirt in check.

By booking a professional office deep clean every six months, you will ensure your working environment doesn’t become too messy and will maintain good hygiene standards throughout the year, especially when combined with regular cleaning.

How Much Does a Deep Cleaning Service Cost?

If you choose to come to us at Best Clean Direct for our deep cleaning services, you can expect to pay only £18 per cleaner, and the minimum charge is for four hours. It is an affordable way to transform your office space and create a more productive working environment.

How Do I Keep an Office Clean?

An office deep cleaning service can spruce up a dusty, dirty, and/or tired-looking office, which can transform its look and feel. Once the service is complete, you might be eager to keep the working environment clean and sparkling, which is why you should hire regular commercial cleaning services.

You also should instruct your staff to maintain a hygienic office by tidying their workspace, washing their dishes, cleaning surfaces, etc. If you follow the above tactics, combined with a routine deep cleaning schedule, you could impress every visitor that steps inside your office space.

Why Choose Best Clean Direct?

At Best Clean Direct, we understand the importance of good office hygiene, as it can determine your employees’ health, business reputation, and internal productivity and morale. For this reason, we vet, train, and check every professional cleaner on staff to ensure we continually meet our company’s high standards.

We also understand that time is money in business, which is why our professional cleaners are available seven days per week with a spray bottle in hand. Our team can make your office space sparkle on a day that best suits your North-West business.

If you would like to discuss an office deep clean with us, please feel free to call us at 0161 732 7007 for a no-obligation quote. Alternatively, you could contact our business via our online form to arrange a deep cleaning service.