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Here at Best Clean Direct Ltd we have worked with some amazing clients throughout our journey. We take pride in all the work we complete. Take a look at some of the case studies we have developed over time.

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Morsapack are based in Manchester. Morsapack is a packaging intelligent company. Whilst online shopping shot through the roof during the pandemic, this meant Morsapack had to stay open to supply packaging.


Companio Bakery

Companio Bakery is a friendly bakery in Ancoats, Manchester. We produce sourdough breads, pastries & Viennoiserie daily.


The Voiceover Gallery

The Voiceover Gallery are a UK based company that have offices in London and around the world. They work with the best voice talent in the industry, this required them to stay open during the pandemic as they provided services for all types of TV/Radio media.


Studio Lambert

Studio Lambert is a fast growing television production company based in the UK (London, Manchester and the Scottish Highlands). During the pandemic, Studio Lambert were still recording entertainment media for our nation.



Futureworks offer education for the creative industries. Based in the Manchester, UK. They specialise in Sound & Music Production, Film, TV and Media. Plus much more.



P&B; is a leading UK innovator of electrical protection, safety and control technologies. This meant they were often called upon during the pandemic. With offices all over the world, they are located in Manchester, UK.


PF Jones

PF Jones offer a wide range of transport services/products. PF Jones offer MOT’s and other car repair services. PF Jones stayed open during the pandemic and required a regular cleaning service.


Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye enable companies to connect to all aspects of the customer journey in real time. They do this by personalising the process. This ranges from promotions, loyalty rewards, apps, subscriptions and gift services.



Aviko is a foodservice that reviews suppliers products. They specialise in potato products and review them for suppliers. During the pandemic Aviko was able to stay open due to it’s nature of business.