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Is your business being affected by COVID-19? If so, we can help you!

Why you need a Sanitisation & Infection Control Service

Germs and bacteria are very quick to spread and settle in tight corners and hidden spots. Disinfecting effectively by hand takes a very long time and requires prohibitive costs. In addition, there are many areas that are difficult to disinfect properly, such as computer keyboards and telephones in an office or gym equipment. We reach these targeted areas evenly, right down to the most hidden points.

We reach these targeted areas evenly, right down to the most hidden points.

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak the guidelines have changed dramatically in recent months. Workplaces are now advised to open and staff can return to work. COVID-19 is still around and is infecting people everyday. Workplaces will contract COVID-19 and potentially spread it within the office.

For your safety and the safety of others, the workplace must be clear of COVID-19 if a member of staff has contracted the virus whilst at work.

What is fogging?

Fogging is a deep cleaning service that be completed by trained professionals and it kills 99.9% of Microbes including SARS CoV-2. Whilst fogging, we can clean targeted areas evenly, right down to the most hidden points. (Keyboards, Door handles). We cover the surface area with our Non-Hazardous cleaning solution, this will then kill any bacteria and viruses it comes in contact with.

Keeping your business open

We understand the impact your business suffers when you have to close. This is why we have professionally trained our team to use our fogging machines whilst your work premises are still open. We can complete our fogging services whilst your business stays open. It’s really that simple.

The benefits of using Best Clean Direct

  • Non-Hazardous, biodegradable solutions used.
  • Health and Safety Compliant
  • Certificate of application (You can put this in your workplace window and your guests can authenticate it through our website)
  • Your business can stay open whilst we complete this service, meaning no business downtime.
  • All of our staff are professionally trained to complete this service, ensuring it is completed at the highest possible standard.

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